Monday, April 8, 2013

National Car Rental: Go Like an Organizing Pro

I have teamed up with National Car Rental to help you "Go Like a Pro" and bring you some tips so you can Organize like a Pro on your next business {or pleasure} trip!

I recommend getting a smart charger for your phone. I got one that is awesome! When you are traveling and are losing power between airplanes, airports, and your rental car you need something to charge up your device and this is perfect when you can't get to a power outlet!

Like I said in the video, organizing for the airport is almost as important as the whole trip itself. One of the important parts to getting organized for the airport is having a travel wallet.

business travel organize airport

This travel wallet can take the place of what you would normally use, since it's for business and you need it for a different purpose. However, this would also be quite useful for any trip, especially an international trip. 

You have your ID ready to pull out and show. Plus your mileage, club cards, and any hotel cards there with it. You can keep your main travel credit card along with this so you aren't having to locate all that in a sea of cards that would be in your other wallet. Having one specified credit card for your travel keeps everything organized when you get the statement and can see all the places you've spent money. This wallet can also hold your passport along with receipts from your trip.

The bag you take with you - your carry-on - is also very important. This particular bag has enough room for my laptop plus a lot more. It holds a ton and can help me keep organized while I'm at the airport. 

These clothing organizers are so great because you can put your folded clothing inside and then grab everything out at once, which is great in the airport if you have just a carry-on so you don't have clothes spilling out everywhere. 

Another great way to keep yourself organized is to use this purse organizer inside the carry-on to hold your other purse-type items. 

make up organizer travel

Carry your make up in the bag in a nice organized make up bag, as well! If you lose your luggage, replacing your make up will probably be harder than your clothing. But if you have a change of clothes with you, you'll be set!

Being prepared and planning ahead for your trip {whether business or pleasure} is sure to help you be prepared for any bumps that come up!

airport organize Go like a pro

Free WiFi at airports is HERE

*National Car Rental compensated me for this post to help you get organized!

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