Monday, March 11, 2013

Cozi is the way to organize your family!

Have you ever felt like you needed to keep better track of your family's schedule, maybe you have more than one schedule each person? Do you like using your smart phone, tablet, or computer? Well, I'm going to tell you, THIS is the app for you!

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Cozi is my favorite digital calendar. I have been using it for YEARS. Imagine how excited I was when they contacted me to tell how they want to offer any NEW sign ups {and their loyal Cozi users} an opportunity to win an Ipad!! 

Well, first, I want to tell you why I like Cozi so much and why I use it. Before my kids were big enough to really have much of a schedule, I used Cozi. They had school, sports, or activities and such and I wanted to keep each one in a place that I could get to but still see it separately.

And let's face it, some times communication between husband and wife isn't 100% there, right? Well, my hubby ACTUALLY uses Cozi. Seriously, if you knew my hubby you'd be shocked! He'll say "did you see the event I put on the Cozi" or "Well, I put it on Cozi". It's his attempt at trying to keep me up to date as to what extra business stuff he's got going on after work or places he'll need to be, and letting me know cause he knows I check Cozi every night to see what is lined up for the next day. Each member of the family can put in their activity and keep up on their own calendar. My son is now a teenager and is starting to need to keep track of some of his own stuff and add things for me to know. So, it's a great way for him to start that. My daughter's schedule is on there, too. Oh, and I just found out that you can link up your other calendars - like Google calendar and Outlook - to Cozi! So, now I've got to get my hubby's work calendar synced up so I can keep better track of things, too!

But, Cozi is more than just a calendar to keep track of schedules. You can use it to make lists. You can use it to keep track of groceries when you're out shopping - think about how many times you've accidentally left your list at home or maybe find yourself with time to stop somewhere but don't know what you need! You can also set up to-do lists - like maybe your spring cleaning list!

Cozi is FREE - yes, people, FREE! I recently upgraded to Cozi GOLD and it's got even more stuff than the FREE, without any advertising. It also includes a birthday tracker - SUPER handy - and a meal planner. I love all the extras cause it just makes it an even better app for doing just about everything you need!

Are you a Cozi user already? Good for you! You can enter the giveaway, too, by sending an email to:

Include “Kindle giveaway” in the subject line

Then, in the body of your email, type in "Organizing Made Fun" somewhere.

If you aren't already a Cozi user, why not? It's FREE and it's going to help you out a bunch - like it does for me! Go HERE and sign up for FREE!! Then you can get the apps for your Iphone, Android, Ipad, Nook, Kindle, or just about any other device!

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I was paid compensation from Cozi to talk about how fabulous their app is!

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